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  1. Accepted on 11/20 after the 11/04 interview! Over the moon MUSC is a top choice for me- congrats to all!
  2. Accepted after the 9/23 interview, but just gave up my seat for another amazing program!! Can't wait for someone to get the call, congrats in advance
  3. Accepted to LIU after the 7/23 interview! @delocalized there were 5 total interviewees at my interview. It was very relaxed and enjoyable!
  4. hi! Thank you! I was verified by NAU on 07/18/2019. Biochem and Spanish major; GPA: 3.7; 900 hours scribe; 640 and counting hours as an MA, quite a few volunteer experiences but didn't really track all those hours
  5. Hi Charlotte! No haven't heard anything yet. Hope you are doing well!
  6. Thank you so much!! I submitted on 07/13/19 and was confirmed on 07/17/2019. Notified on 08/15/2019 for a 10/01/2019 interview
  7. Hello! I also received an invitation via email yesterday for a 10/1 interview!
  8. Hi rfo1234, No my GRE did not show up on my CASPA, I just made sure from my ETS account that it had been sent successfully to LIU's PA Program :~)
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