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  1. PAs are losing ground in parts of Africa. Some PA programs have shut down and replaced PAs with Advanced Practice Clinical Nurses. Many will not allow PAs to practice there, or place a limit on how long PAs can practice without sitting for a national exam. This is has a lot to do with reciprocity laws. Since the US does not recognize any other countries PA licenses, other countries will not recognize ours. As an American PA working in a West African country, I’m learning that things are changing big rapidly, even for NGO and volunteer PAs who come here on medical missions. The landscape is changing, physicians don’t appreciate business getting taken away from them, and many want to make it hard or even impossible for PAs to come from Norrh America and work here. We have already seen this happen in places like Ecuador. I have no solutions to offer except that if overseas work is on your radar, you might want to consider an academic or public health role with an NGO.
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