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  1. Imo, reducing 50k is negligible 100k is serious and the gray area in between hard to say... Don't try and roll the dice again for a mere 50k reduction. Now if your trying to look at the debt as a total overall, that is another story, no clue what to tell you on that. Becoming a PA doesn't look as lucrative as it once did imo. goodluck
  2. This is something I am looking into, were you able to get things worked out in SoCal being out of state?
  3. If I have paid the deposit, but still need more time to work out the details, can I continue and apply for fafsa, register, etc without taking on any more financial loss if I decide to decline the seat? I will know before the program starts of course. Usually there is a registration withdraw deadline for 100%, 75%, 50% refund. I'm more or less wondering as long as it is before the first day of school, if the deposit the maximum loss occurred.
  4. I definitely have a lot of respect for the people who have and are doing it now. I thought it was always something that you should swear off as doesn't happen, but sometimes you don't have too much of a choice. Thank you for your response its definitely a good way of looking at it. Any other opinions out here?
  5. SO is pharmacist on west coast, I got an acceptance on the other coast. I was thinking of going getting the program done (24 months) and coming back. She thinks she will afford to be able to come see me once a month. We ultimately want to move back here, but I don't know if she will still be able to get a job at that point (pharm). Does long distance work during school?
  6. Yes it is including living expenses approximately 30k a year that i hope I can cut down fairly easily. I used http://www.finaid.org and the interest rate for grad plus at 7.8% came out to around 82k over ten years and a $2100 payment or so a month. For PA school it seemed like it would be all in all, 1500 left over discretionary income a month after taxes and cost of living and a 10 year payement. I only wish I asked these questions sooner, I feel like I only have a short time to make a decision.. your right I guess i should plug in RN numbers.. is there a general concept to follow
  7. Hey guys, I got an acceptance into PA school, my dreams came true! Until i realize that my loan principal will be roughly 170k. The payback period definitely looks like 10 years. In my young naive mind I always thought i would live like a bum and pay them off in a couple years. Maybe that would be possible with a 100k loan I dont know. Is it possible that doing an RN program would be more financially advantageous? If i went to a under 50k program I believe with some kind of job and pulling all of my savings I could probably come out debt free. Possibly take on a lot of overtime ect a
  8. Thanks for your input. That is good news, so right now there are no healthcare regulation bodies that the AAPA is under besides general state and federal legislature? Does the AMA and BON just carry more weight with legislation changes? That is great OTP has passed, I thought I read somewhere that the AMA opposed it and it got shut down. Are there any consolidated websites or resources where I can educate myself on the matter?
  9. Ironically, it wasn't until I was offered a seat in a PA program, that my eyes were opened to the politics of midlevels. Now two months out I am really questioning what will the field look like in the next 5-10 years. Perhaps everyone is waiting for the AAPA to do something, but since it is under the AMA there's not much to be done except trying to branch off which will take some time probably more then 5-10 years? What do you guys see as being the near future for the PA profession? Also, why would administration hire someone who needed to be cosigned over someone who doesn't? I wou
  10. If the legal responsibility is on the provider, then the provider is free to go at their own pace?
  11. That is a great video, in the sense that it addresses a real problem adequately, primarily healthcare providers being too stressed. The part that I don't understand is why healthcare providers unduly stress themselves out? If your required to see 4 patients an hour then you can only spend 15 minutes with them...8 then 7 minutes...etc. Who cares if the patients healthcare is jeopardized that's not your responsibility anymore unless you own your own clinic. If you are employed then it would be your employers responsibility. Furthermore, a lot of people would rather spend 500 on a new TV then
  12. Thanks for the responses. I was in the PA discussion forum and came across the thread about PA to pharma research...that helped me find some interesting options available, possibly with even just a bio degree. Nursing, if there is a fast track seems like a good option. Maybe if there are others interested i can share what i find in the next couple days.
  13. This year acceptance didn't happen, while i like the PA profession a lot time is being wasted trying to get in. What are good options for those with bachelors degrees completed. The type of work honestly does not matter to me right now so it could be in a completely different field..although, i am aiming at approx $70,000/yr within 2 years of schooling. Right now all i have is: Nursing, Genetics Counselor, Some sort of health care administration/management..
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