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  1. I applied back in July, and I received the interview via email yesterday afternoon.
  2. Was just invited to a virtual interview for April. Any tips on how to approach the group interview portion?
  3. When they emailed me they said the final interviews are scheduled for early March. Class starts in August, so June interviews doesn’t sound right. I may reach out and ask if the time line has changed
  4. Congrats. Has anyone else heard anything? I’m itching to hear something at this point. Even if it’s bad news.
  5. Has anyone from the 1/29 interview heard anything?
  6. It does seem counterintuitive, but hopefully this bodes well for those on the waitlist. I took part in the very first round of interviews, and was waitlisted.
  7. They very well could change it up interview to interview. However, my on campus interview was a panel style interview, a group ethics discussion, and a team based exercise. The writing prompt wasn’t intimidating. After doing this a few times, I’d focus on interview prep most. If you naturally excel in interviews, as cliche as it sounds, just be yourself. You are qualified, and you’re there for a reason. Being a PA is all about team based practice, so make sure you participate in the group stuff. In a nutshell... A seamless interview > a brilliantly written writing assignment, and everything else.
  8. Has anyone been accepted that interview after December? Just curious. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone post about that yet.
  9. I’m curious as to how many of the seats are available still. I noticed they made acceptance calls the morning of my interview. How many people are in the FB group?
  10. I also heard that it would be within the next month. I interviewed Friday and have not heard anything.
  11. To those that interviewed this weekend, how did it go, and what do you think of the program?
  12. Pretty much, I started my supplemental one day, and finished and submitted it on a different day. I received that email somewhere in between. If they send you that email as a courtesy—it’s probably because they like what they see on your CASPA application
  13. Had the same happen to me. I received an interview invitation only a few days upon submitting the supplemental.
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