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  1. To make you feel better, I got an interview with 3.54 cum and 3.28 science.
  2. I received an invite as well. Does anyone know the interview style?
  3. Thank you. I'm interviewing June 7. No they gave the one option. Really excited about this program!
  4. Thanks Nichole, but a 322 GRE is much higher than mine!
  5. Clinical research is usually hands on. Mine is anyway.
  6. Hello, I figured I would give this a go. What are my chances of getting into PA school based upon the following experiences and stats? Cumulative GPA: 3.52 Science GPA: 3.37 (Although GPAs are low, never received anything lower than B-, however not necessarily and upward trend in GPA either) GRE: 146 Quant, 155 Verbal, 4 writing Worked as a medical assistant in Orthopedic Surgery during college, came out to be 2,600 hours. Previous research at the National Cancer Institute, currently working as a research coordinator managing clinical trials in Colorectal Surgery and Gastroenterology at university level. At time of application, will have about 5000 PCE. Will also have publications in medical journals. Numerous leadership roles and experiences throughout college such as president of fraternity, student government, and medical mission trip to Nicaragua. Also received university awards. Will have strong letters, two surgeons I worked for and 1 from PA I worked with, one from professor I did research with for schools that require an academic reference. My biggest concerns are the GRE scores and low science GPA. I'm currently studying to take the GRE again before applying, but the GPA is what it is. What do you think? Any suggestions?
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