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  1. I have heard students will be selected from the waitlist two weeks before the start date... so hard for planning purposes!! I think from what I’ve read on this forum - people who have not interviewed have recieved official rejections. I wish you the best of luck Yuliya!!
  2. Yes!!! Congrats and best of luck wherever you go!!
  3. I have been accepted by Bay Path University, closer to home. I emailed professor Piperidis and I’m off the waitlist. Good luck everyone and fellow future PAs, I hope to see you in the field! Also, Best of luck to everyone waitlisted, or not accepted this round.
  4. I know— it’ll feel real once I’m drowning in books. Wow that’s awesome, I can’t wait!
  5. Unfortunately I didn’t — I thought Lisa was calling me to answer my question and she offered me a spot!! It sounds like it is not ranked because she said they “took a look at everybody” again but I could be wrong. Try to Send her an email and ask
  6. Thank you so much!! It doesn’t even feel real yet. See you there!
  7. Thank you so much! This is my third time applying and second time being waitlisted so don’t give up!
  8. I received a call today and I have been offered a seat in the class!! I’m beyond excited. I still have to send in all the paperwork and deposit, but I’m looking forward to meeting everyone! (I was on the waitlist - so don’t lose hope if you’re waitlisted!)
  9. Hello everyone, does anyone know if the waiting list is ranked? When I was waitlisted a few years ago (2015 I believe) it was not ranked. I thought I saw someone's post saying it was ranked last year. I emailed Lisa and have yet to hear anything. I'm sure she's busy
  10. Hello everyone, I emailed Pam last week I believe and asked if the waiting pool is ranked 1st 2nd 3rd etc. or if everyone was re-evaluated once they are going to contact someone from the waitlist -- I have yet to hear back. Does anyone know if the waitlist is ranked?
  11. I got my letter today and I’m waitlisted as well. I applied to four schools within an hr or two of my area and I’m waitlisted at three. More waiting! Good luck to those still waiting to hear
  12. Congrats!! I haven’t heard anything yet, hopefully I will soon. Best of luck to you!!
  13. I also received a waitlist offer, congrats!! Wishing everyone the best
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