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  1. Hey all, I was wondering if anyone had opinions on what some good jobs for acquire PCE are, versus some that might be considered less applicable. I’ve heard some pros and cons for each, the big two jobs I’ve seen seem to be CNA or Medical Assistant. What roles have you used/heard that are relatively simple to train for but provide the nose desirable PCE? Thanks!
  2. Hey all, I’m currently working as full time as a Med Tech and in the future, want to try apply to PA school. My question is, which would be more beneficial to go about doing first, seeking patient care experience or retaking classes? I have to do both but I have about 8-9 classes I want to retake and have not started accumulating PCE. Would one goal make sense to accomplish before the other? I just started as a full time Med Tech as I mentioned above, so maybe in a few months/up to a year I go part time and look for PCE work? Or would it be better to start retaking some pre-req
  3. I'm a recent college graduate who's stats are not too much higher than yours. I can't offer advice (I'm in nearly the same boat lol), I just want to say don't give up. I'm with you!
  4. Hey, thank you so much for your response! First, I know that my tech work would probably be HCE and not PCE (because it’s not hahaha), so I’m not disappointed by that. I really meant using it as another talking point/experience bank to expound upon down the road if I get in somewhere. Do you think that’s a good idea? What do you mean by some PA schools giving you credit for MLS sciences? Like, pre-req’s for admission? Lastly, if you don’t mind sharing, what forms of PCE did you have on your app? Would you recommend any of those positions? Were they what you listed above? Thank you s
  5. Hey all, First, this might seem like a dumb thread but I'm genuinely seeking advice from what PA's and other people in my position might think I should do. I'm a new lab tech (taking my accreditation exam within the next month or so) and just started full-time work about a month ago. Long term, I know being a lab tech isn't for me and I've wanted to be a PA for a few years now but was already set on the MLS route since undergrad (graduated Dec. 2019 for context) and I decided on this PA business late in my college journey. I don't want to lose my drive to be a PA but I also ha
  6. First off, I'm very happy for you. Congratulations! Looking at your numbers (only looking at GPA's bc I haven't started racking up PCH yet) and the fact that you had to apply 3 times makes me nervous because my current GPA (I'm a senior finishing undergrad right now) is exactly a 3.25 with my sGPA definitely lower than that (haven't calculated it yet - too scared). I admire your determination! Any advice you'd share with people like me? Be as honest as you want, I need criticism.
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