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  1. We started on jan 2 for our class this yr class of 2022
  2. For those who got accepted, anyone want to start a facebook group or something for the upcoming class so everyone can get to know each other.. or if there is a facebook group already from the 1st year students, input would be great..
  3. For me it was a couple days before my interview after I emailed them asking for the schedule. For some reason when they send it out, it got reject by my CASPA or something so I never received the schedule. So after emailing them, they resend it and I received the schedule.
  4. Can you tell us when you submit and did you get a verification email?
  5. What hotel do people recommend staying that around the area and affordable?
  6. Just got this today, We have received your application via CASPA and upon further review, you have completed all necessary supplemental items and your application is now ready for review. We will notify you when a decision has been made. Sincerely, Admissions Utah Valley University Master of Physician Assistant Studies
  7. Nope haven’t heard anything since I submit my supplemental application. I received supplemental June 14. Submitted my application may 31.
  8. Hi, I got an interview on July 22 and was wondering how the interview process like. What the format?
  9. So I got an interview on August 9. Anyone know how long the days process is? Which hotel is recommended? Is essay question hard? Thanks in advance.
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