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  1. Hi everyone! I am searching for contacts for my clinical rotation year, 2020-2021. I desperately want a rotation in Plastics/Reconstructive surgery, and am having trouble finding preceptors. I am a Pacific University student. Anyone know of an institution or hospital that might have one? Anything is appreciated.
  2. I had my interview in October and had a response the following Wednesday. The waiting in between was the hardest part! Good luck!
  3. You have great experience! Keep applying! Pacific focuses heavily on GPA- more specifically the last 45 credits. Good luck to you!
  4. They said at the interview that the average gpa was 3.8-4.0. ?
  5. I interviewed on 10/20 and got a response today. So they have started notifying!
  6. Is it just the one interview that will be conducted? Or are there multiple stages of interviewing?
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