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  1. I decided to give up my interview since I already accepted a seat in a program, but good luck to you!
  2. Yikes! I didn't know they had online core classes. Thanks for letting me know!
  3. Hey all!! Has anyone interviewed at Shenandoah or can anyone compare Shenandoah with Radford? I accepted my seat at Radford/paid my deposit and have received an interview at Shenandoah for next month .... Wondering if anyone has any insight to which program is better or the pros/cons of each. Thanks!
  4. Sooo excited to finally be able to do one of these!!!! Undergrad School: College of saint Benedict Cumulative Undergrad GPA: 3.68 Science Undergrad GPA: 3.44 Age at application time: 23  GRE: 310 V - 156 Q - 154 AWA 4.5 Healthcare experience: 2000 hours as a CNA on a cardiac unit and assisted living facility Research: 1500 hours as a Medical Research Technician Volunteer: 300 hours as a wildlife rehabber. Other various volunteering within the community Extracurriculars: choir, a capella, intercultural club Shadowing: 55 hours (EM, Primary Care, peds, infectious disease, vascular surgery, general surgery, Ortho) LOR: 1 from comparative anatomy/biology professor, one from VP of engineering supervisor at medical research lab, one from RN - patient care manager Schools Applied: 16 Application Submitted and Verified: 5/20/2019 Interview Invites: 6 invites: Radford, Alderson Broaddus, Rocky Mountain, Midwestern - Glendale, AACC/UMD, Shenandoah Interviewed: Radford, Alderson Broaddus, Midwestern Accepted: Radford, Alderson Broaddus, Midwestern Attempts: 1 Attending: Radford
  5. I was invited to interview on Nov. 1. I was wondering if I could ask any current students questions (or others who have interviewed).
  6. GPA 3.68, 2000 PCE 350 volunteer 55 shadowing 1500 hours as research tech
  7. Received an interview invite this morning for Nov 8. I will be turning it down due to already receiving an acceptance. Good luck, all
  8. I was in the afternoon sesh. Anyone else accepted from the 9/13 afternoon group?
  9. Thank you! My accepted student checklist populated on the portal!
  10. ACCEPTED!!!!!!! received the email this afternoon. Good luck, everyone!
  11. ACCEPTED!!!! I am BEYOND HAPPY!!! This is such a dream come true. Good luck, all!!!!!! PS my portal changed this morning at around noon
  12. Interviewing here tomorrow!!!! I can't wait!!!!! Can't wait to meet everyone !!!!
  13. Thank you! I'm so happy!!! It doesn't feel real yet!!!!!
  14. Accepted!!!!! Received an email at about 4pm this afternoon.
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