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  1. I emailed her on Friday and heard back from her yesterday.
  2. I emailed Lauren and she said that the committee has not met yet....not sure if you heard anything different, but keep the faith!
  3. Hey, I interviewed on the 28th and was placed on the Alternative List, so still holding out hope! My interview was set up in groups of 3 (interviewees) on 2 (interviewers). I had a tour, then an interview, then a forum with current students, then the final interview. I thought it went well but was wishing I had a solo part to interview since at times I got really nervous and didn't say everything I wanted to. The staff was incredible and super nice. They really wanted you to feel welcomed and not nervous. My best advice is to be yourself and don't let being in a group make you too nervous. Good luck!
  4. Hey everyone! This is my first time posting on this forum. I was fortunate enough to get an invitation for an interview on the 13th! I was planning on going to the social event the night before, I saw possibly a couple of you were also going?
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