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  1. This is the very reason why LECOM's program looks more enticing. PA's are losing ground on multiple levels. Lack of respect, 2-3 times less pay despite doing the same job as docs in most settings and NP'S ARE VASTLY TAKING OVER.
  2. Thank you. You were the very one I hoped would reply. Congrats, congrats and many congrats. Please keep us abreast on where you decide to go.
  3. Hello everyone, If we as PA's were to apply to medical school, would we need hours shadowing a Doc to get in? That seems rather silly to me, but is a valid question. Anyone from LECOM's PA to DO program know about this? Anyone that knows about any other medical schools please chime in. Especially PA's to DO or PA's to MD. Thank you
  4. Ownership is always key. If you can own the pharmacy and have someone work it under your license(which is definitely possible in Texas) then you are what's called #WINNING!!!
  5. This would be super beneficial in a rural setting. Especially if you’re allowed to own your own pharmacy
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