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  1. Did you receive acceptance into another program? Thank you for the well wishes and best to you as well!!
  2. I looked up Priceline and which hotels were next to campus. I'll be arriving the 1st as well and got a very good rate at the Fairfield Inn. Has anyone heard or inquired about the interview format?
  3. Thanks! Safe travels to you as well! Looking forward to meeting everyone!
  4. Nice! A lot shorter than 6.5 hours. I look forward to meeting you! How has the application cycle been for you this year?
  5. Hi LER21, pistachios, PAhopeful18 and trumanin1! My name is Jen (non-alum) and I too received an interview invite for November 2nd! ? Are any of y'all travelling from out-of-state? I'll be travelling from Wisconsin the day before. Super excited to meet everyone! Have a great day! -Jen
  6. Hello All and congrats to everyone on their acceptances and invites to interview! I was just given the opportunity to interview in November and I cannot express how excited I am! :) Is anyone else out there interviewing in November? If so, where are you traveling from? And since we are sharing... I submitted on June 27, verified on July 6th and was asked to interview in November. It's always the waiting that gets to you, but I'm super pumped about this year's cycle!!
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