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  1. I was hoping there would be more interviews in February. Thanks for the info!
  2. Does anyone know if the interview later this month is the final interview for this cycle? And if so, has anyone been pulled from the waitlist yet for that date? Ugghhh, still trying to remain hopeful.
  3. Congratulations! That's exciting to hear they are starting to pull from the waitlist. Has anyone else received an invite off the waitlist? Still hopeful.....
  4. Has anyone on the waitlist been pulled yet and received an invite? I'm staying hopeful for us all!
  5. Received a waitlist notification on Thursday as well... keeping fingers crossed. Congratulations to those who received interview invites!
  6. So you did not meet the priority deadline. I did not either, but I haven't heard anything since they acknowledged receiving my application.... hope there's still a chance for an invite. Best wishes to you- that's got to be a good sign!
  7. I did not meet the priority deadline, but since they don't do rolling admissions, I'm guessing those of us later applicants might still receive an invite in December? I hope so. I wish class sizes were larger and we could all be accepted.
  8. Received my rejection email today. Best wishes to those who received interviews!
  9. That’s exciting! I hope we all get some good news! That would be a fantastic early Christmas gift!
  10. Have there been any new interview invites recently? I have not heard anything at all, and am trying not to give up hope for an invite this cycle.
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