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  1. I sent mine out on the 9th. It was supposed to have arrived by the 11th. Still no confirmation email
  2. Yes, that makes sense! Thank you so much for the encouragement! Good luck to you too! Hoping that we hear good news soon!
  3. Hi Heather! As long as you have your application submitted by today, which is the deadline, and it's marked as completed, you are good! Good luck to you!
  4. Does anyone know if everyone gets sent the link to the supplemental or only a select few? I received confirmation that my application had been received on 06/10 and still haven't heard back yet *Trying to stay hopeful!!!
  5. Does Salus send emails to notify if your application is under review? Also, has anyone heard from Salus regarding interview invitations or rejections? I was verified the end of June and still haven't heard back yet.
  6. Do people think it's too late to apply to Tufts at this point? Thanks in advance for feedback!
  7. That's so awesome! Congrats!!! Can I ask when you submitted your application? I just want to get an idea of the approximate wait time to hear back! Good luck btw!
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