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  1. I think it’s incredibly hard to shadow in the Chicago area, which is where I live. Maybe I’ll look else where and travel for a bit to different places!
  2. Thank you for the advice!! ? I’m also currently getting my EMT-B license in hopes of becoming an ED tech eventually. and yes I’ve been trying to shadow PAs for years and have had no luck ? unfortunately a lot of places don’t offer it. But I’ll keep looking!!
  3. I’ve worked as a physical therapy assistant for almost 2 years! I work 25 hours a week there and 20 as a scribe. the shadowing is different from that in my opinion
  4. Thank you! Yes the GPA is my toughest part right now, luckily I have an upward trend which a lot of my schools look at and I’m taking some courses so that will help. Appreciate the advice ?
  5. Thank you for the advice!!! Yes I agree, I’m already preparing myself for the denial emails and am keeping hopes up for next cycle ? I wasn’t expecting to get in this year, it was more of hopeful wishing and to see if I can improve! I still have a lot of work to do for sure.
  6. Hi guys! I just applied to PA school, but since I applied so late I am already strengthing my application so that I can apply next cycle in May. I just wanted to get a few people’s thoughts on ways that I can make it better, along with people’s thought on my application so far. Is it a good start to getting in? Heres what i have- Degree: Undergraduate in interdisciplinary heath sciences GPA: overall 3.3 and currently retaking some courses to strengthen that and make my CASPA gpa higher. HCE: I have 80 hours as an intern in a cardiopulmonary rehab facility from college
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