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  1. I just got my email that I was put on the waitlist. It's not a rejection, and this was my first interview this cycle, so I'll take it! Good luck to everyone else, and congrats to anyone who got in from this last interview!
  2. I also interviewed this past Friday in the morning session (what an awesome group!!) and have not heard anything yet. My stomach is turning over in anticipation!
  3. Me too! I'll take that as a good thing for now! It's certainly not a rejection at least
  4. Is anyone getting an interview without having taken Physics? This is the only "strongly recommended" course on their site that I have not taken, and I'm wondering if I should still apply. Thanks!
  5. I received a confirmation email on 5/27 stating that they had received my CASPA, Supplemental App, and GRE and that my application was complete. It also said it could take at least 6 weeks to hear back, and to not call the office to get status updates. In the email I received, it stated: "Candidates will be notified about interview decisions beginning in August through late October."
  6. I had this same problem. I submitted way back in May, since Campbell is one of my top choices and only just got a confirmation email this morning.
  7. Thank you for the honest reply! That must be why I can't seem to find any information I used to live in NC when I was growing up, and visited Charleston when I was very little, but I remember loving it, which is part of the reason I applied to this program; I'm a southern girl, even though I now live out in the Midwest. Congrats on your acceptance and thank you for all of that information!
  8. Forgot to mention that I'll be in the morning section too on July 26th! Does anyone know what type of interviews they will be doing? MMI, group, etc? Campus tour? I can't seem to find info about this anywhere, including old forums. Also, I'm trying to decide if I should rent a car or just call an Uber/Lyft to get to campus? I don't plan on doing a lot of sightseeing and I'm flying back home late Friday night so I won't be doing a lot of driving. Anyone flying in early on Thursday and want to ride share to the Wingate Hotel on Campus? I'll land in Charleston just before 9am. Let me know!
  9. I just got my call this morning to interview on the 26th! Excited to meet everyone! Does anyone have advice or info on what the interview will be like? MMI, group interview, etc? My email said we would be getting more info in another email in the next week or so, but just wanted to get prep started early! Congrats to everyone else who is interviewing or been accepted!
  10. My stats are pretty close to yours so hopefully I'll get an invite soon too! Thanks for sharing!
  11. Does anyone who has received an invite to interview want to share their stats? Pretty please?
  12. Me too! I submitted at the end of May and haven't heard anything yet, after being verified. Touro is one of my top choices!
  13. Did anyone submit everything and not get an email saying their app was under review? I submitted everything back in May, and the only email I received was a receipt for the supplemental app payment.
  14. They have their final site visit for accreditation in September and they supposedly do rolling admissions, so I wouldn't wait if you want to apply this cycle.
  15. Has anyone heard anything back yet? I submitted weeks ago but haven't heard a thing either way.
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