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  1. It was nice! I think you’ll all enjoy it. There’s a short essay portion, one group interview, and two individual interviews. Each part lasts about 15 minutes. It was less of a high stress and more of a conversational interview, so don’t worry too much! The students are also super helpful and answer lots of questions while you wait.
  2. I just received an interview invitation this morning at 10 EST. The date is for October 5-6 and I believe it is virtual. I applied and was verified in early July for any wondering!
  3. I received an interview invite today around 11am. The interview is on campus on 9/17, and I am a CMU alum for those wondering. Best of luck to everyone!
  4. Nope! They pull the ones from CASPA, I emailed and asked.
  5. I got that email last year. This program requires you to have already graduated and received your degree from a 4 year university. If you have that already and are still confused I would email and ask, but that was my issue last year. I re-applied this year post-graduation and got the other email today about sincere consideration!
  6. I emailed their admissions office a while back to ask if they had something like this and they sent me a link of a recorded Zoom webinar with 3 students, one from each campus, talking about their experiences. There were also advisors and counselors in it as well, so I suggest emailing them and just asking about any more informational sessions, they'll likely send you that one. It wasn't necessarily a panel since there was only one student from Boston technically and I couldn't ask live questions, but it was still helpful. Also, in your interview you'll have one part with an alum and get about 10 mins to ask questions, so you can ask a lot about the program then. Good luck!
  7. Hey! I got one too. I think what most schools do is withhold rejections until the seats are filled, that way if people turn down interviews or seats then they can pull off that ‘rejection’ list before they send out official rejections. Does that make sense? I’m personally taking it as a rejection as well, but I think that’s why the email was phrased that way.
  8. Me too. It’s alright though! Better than a rejection Good luck to everyone who received invitations!
  9. Hi all, congratulations to those who have been invited to an interview! Are any of you Butler alum?
  10. Hi all! I just received an interview invite at approximately 1:40pm today EST. Check your inboxes and good luck to all!
  11. I’m a CMU student and my invite was also rescinded yesterday. So if you still have yours then I’m sure you’re receiving a fair chance. The PA school has on their website that CMU students who meet all prerequisites will automatically get an interview, but it doesn’t guarantee a seat and in fact I’ve heard many of my peers from CMU not be accepted anyways. Thanks and good luck.
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