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  1. I was never given a wait list number. I just received an email one day saying that a seat was available and offering me the position. I also never called or emailed the program to ask for updates.
  2. I was pulled off the alternate list and accepted my seat yesterday! So excited!
  3. Has anyone on the alternate list heard anything yet?
  4. Placed on the alternate list from the 11/20 interview
  5. Has anyone heard back from the 11/20 interview yet?
  6. Waitlisted. Best of luck to everyone who received an interview invite!
  7. Has anyone been removed from the waitlist for an interview yet?
  8. I’m also on 11/20! See you there!
  9. I just received an interview invite today (10/26) and was offered the following dates: 11/14, 11/20, 11/27, 12/7, 12/11 I'm so excited! ?
  10. Did she say when the invites are going out, by chance?
  11. Congrats! Did they contact you via email or phone call?
  12. I received an email this morning that my application is "on hold pending a potential invitation for an interview" and "your application will continue to be evaluated by the Physician Assistant Program Admissions Committee and you may receive an interview invitation at a future date. Your application was deemed to possess enough merit to be held for future review and this should be viewed as a positive result. It is, however, impossible to predict if or when an interview invitation might be offered." Has anyone else received this email? If so, have you been invited for an interview yet? Thanks!
  13. Thanks for the quick reply! How long were you on the waitlist for?
  14. Nothing yet! Anxiously waiting...
  15. I know the supplemental application only recently closed, but has anyone received an interview invite yet?
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