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  1. I'm Kierstin, 29 from NH! @EANYPA, I used to live in Buffalo! I'll look for that Facebook group! Looking forward to getting to know you all!
  2. I just got accepted! I can't believe it! I got a call from Janie today.
  3. I wouldn't think so! I'd imagine you'd need the link anyways.
  4. Another post interview session is being held tomorrow for early decision applicants. I'd imagine we'll be hearing back starting mid next week, but that's just a guess. The waiting is tough!
  5. I don't think we should expect anything at this point until 6/15. They are probably focusing on the interviews now and will convene when those are complete Time seems to be moving slowly, but we'll know soon!
  6. They go out of their way to make you feel comfortable just be yourself! Good luck!
  7. Definitely still early! They had an early decision deadline back on April 15 - that's where the interview offers are coming from. You've got plenty of time
  8. Congratulations on your acceptance! My interviews are on Wednesday - any advice? I really love this program and am really excited about it.
  9. I submitted on April 4th, but had to wait for my GRE scores to come through. I was complete May 9th.
  10. I just got offered an interview a few hours ago!! So excited!
  11. Just submitted my application! Taking the GRE on Saturday, that's my only missing piece at the moment. Good luck to everyone!
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