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  1. Is anyone else confused by the email received by Samuel Merritt?
  2. I’m not sure if mine were uploaded, but they gave me a green check mark by my school name where as it was a red X when I submitted!
  3. I did! I thought otherwise it would be strange to have only had one job on there but I kept the description very short. I was a waitress and basically just said the skills I gained included time management, customer service, etc and that was it.
  4. Rejected without interview! Good luck to all those that interviewed!
  5. For those that interviewed this week, do you know if they are having more interviews? Thanks!
  6. Mine says “early alternate.” It basically says they reviewed my application, couldn’t make a decision on me yet, and will meet every month to decide if they will pull me from the alternate list. If they don’t pull me from the list by the time of their last meeting, I will be ranked with other alternates and will have to wait for those that are accepted to decline their offer. Is that what yours said? I think the true “alternate list” is when everyone is ranked and offers have been made and the “early alternate” are those in consideration still. That’s what I took from it.
  7. We’re all guessing at this point! Hopefully they let us know soon!
  8. I have a weird email about financial aid from them but no call or anything
  9. Submitted my application! It says I still need to upload transcripts but we are supposed to ignore that right? Thanks!
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