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  1. They must be running behind because the email said they would start interviews mid September but they also said they’d give us 4 weeks notice before interviews! Did you get an interview last year?
  2. Did you ever get an email after the invitation to the second application saying they received the secondary? I got the email saying to do it and once I did it I haven’t heard anything since. I completely the secondary around the same time.
  3. Congrats!!! When did you do the supplemental for them?
  4. That’s awesome!!! When we’re you verified?
  5. Hi all! Due to personal reasons I had to decline my interview for this school. I hope it opens a spot for someone! Good luck!
  6. What time did you get out for the day and how did everything go? Anything that was unexpected?
  7. Hi all! I am debating on sending in an application to this school due to a prereq I would have to take in the fall. Can anyone tell me what the supplemental application is like?
  8. Does anyone know more about financial aid and housing for this program? I was looking on the website and they don’t offer acceptances until September/October which seems kind of late to me for a January matriculation.
  9. Thank you! I applied May 26th and was verified May 27th by CASPA. I got the initial email from UOP on the 29th and then got the interview invite on monday. Check your junk mail!
  10. Hi all! Has anyone heard anything after applying? I got the email about passing their initial screening criteria and that’s all!
  11. Hi everyone!! This is my first application cycle this year and I’m really excited to see where I stand! CASPA verified 5/27 and got an email today that they received my application. Best of luck to everyone!
  12. For those who are being accepted, it would be awesome if some of you could post your stats like your majors, GPAS, etc. thanks in advance!
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