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  1. Hey guys! First year PA student here! I like to check up on this thread every once in awhile to see how you all are doing! I know I was very anxious this time last year. I saw some posts about an email kind of extending offers...I’ve never heard of such a thing during my year from anyone. It may be a new thing due to covid or those who got them in my class and the years before were silent about them. I’m not sure but please do not get discouraged if you did not receive one. Not only do a lot of people get accepted, but a lot of people drop their offers in the months leading up to the program.
  2. Those are valid concerns, but you are on the UC Davis forum so I’m commenting towards what the school has to offer. I’m not sure why the tuition is so much higher. We have student run clinics which is fairly unique to the program, but certainly does not attribute to almost 30k difference between other schools. Right now we are learning with NP students although if I had to pick I would say it’s more geared towards PA in terms of verbiage. I’m not sure if the next year will be the same or not in regards to that. I think there is great benefit learning aside future NPs but yes there is a large d
  3. Hi! First year PA student here hopefully answering some of the questions you have posed. Typically, interviews go out in one batch. If you get an interview invite after that it is due to someone declining their interview offer. There are people who have got in where this happened so don’t worry if you got an invite late! If you haven’t received an invite just yet, there is some hope but it could go either way at this point. I interviewed with someone who got an email inviting them the day before. I see posts about the cost. Yes the cost is A LOT. It’s something that I struggled with i
  4. Hey all! First year PA student here. I didn’t hear about an interview until 9/23/19 and they gave us four days in October to choose from. With COVID, idk what that means for you guys but thought I’d share the process. Good luck! If anyone has any questions about anything feel free to ask!
  5. Hey guys!! I know today is the big day of decisions for those that got offered spots and I’m sure those waitlisted are anxiously waiting. Rooting for you all!!
  6. Congrats to everyone that got accepted! At this point I, who hasn’t had a response since July, knows that I didn’t get in. But I’m curious, are others in the same boat as me? I’m just wondering if they even processed my app. Thanks!
  7. Is anyone on the alternate list dying to hear final decisions? I am!
  8. Is anyone else confused by the email received by Samuel Merritt?
  9. I’m not sure if mine were uploaded, but they gave me a green check mark by my school name where as it was a red X when I submitted!
  10. I did! I thought otherwise it would be strange to have only had one job on there but I kept the description very short. I was a waitress and basically just said the skills I gained included time management, customer service, etc and that was it.
  11. Rejected without interview! Good luck to all those that interviewed!
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