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  1. Has anyone heard anything about November or December interviews?
  2. Wow! At least you know! I submitted way back in June and still haven’t heard anything.
  3. Ugh so sorry! Was it a denial after an interview or a denial from your application? If so when did you submit?
  4. The greatest advice I could give is to have a list of things you want the interviewers to know about you and be able to pull from that list when applicable. Everyone says just be yourself, but I think a more accurate statement is stay true to yourself and your beliefs. Think of it as dating. You don’t want to date someone that doesn’t fit with your life and doesn’t mesh well with you. So it’s okay if you are yourself and they don’t think it’s a right fit. If that’s the case then there’s probably a better fit out there that would serve you the most! Just be true to yourself and have a list of experiences you’ve been through and traits you possess. The best case scenario is leaving the interview and feeling like they know who you are. Good luck!
  5. For those that already interviewed, how long was the actual interview part of the day? What other things did you guys do? Thanks!
  6. Its more activity based with 4 interviewees total. It says activity in the email they sent but the verbiage was confusing bc I had the same question going into it. Very relaxed environment and anyone who isn’t rude will do great I’m sure.
  7. For those interviewing on the 7th (just a few days away!!) want to possibly exchange numbers and get to know each other a bit? I think it would help us a feel more comfortable interview day. If so, pm me!
  8. For those that interviewed last year, was the group interview more of a group activity (here’s a scenario, find a solution) or more of a traditional group interview (panel interview)? Their email referenced more of a group activity style, but it kept saying group interview so just checking!
  9. After looking at previous threads I don’t think it matters because they send out a supplemental to a majority of interviewees.
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