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  1. awesome! when did you submit/verified? also, what are your stats?
  2. Are rejections letters sent out by email or by mail?
  3. Hello guys, I submitted 10/2 and was verified 10/11 but have not received confirmation that my application was sent or anything from PCOM stating they received my application or about the supplemental fee... from your experience, should I be hearing from them soon? thank you!
  4. Hello, just wondering if anyone submitted/completed their CASPA in late September or October? My completed date was today 10/10 and I am wondering how long it'll take to be verified? For those of you who applied in Sep or Oct, how long did it take to be verified or are you still waiting? My soonest deadline is 11/1 and I am afraid it won't be verified before then. Please let me know!
  5. alex123

    Verification time?!

    how long did it take to be verified for you guys?
  6. Awesome, congrats on your interview! Would you mind sharing tour stats?
  7. Congrats! Did you have a lot of PCE/HCE?
  8. Is it too late to apply to this program?
  9. Is it too late to apply to this program?
  10. Hello everybody, Has anyone been accepted yet?
  11. For everyone who got accepted (mostly the NJ campus) would u mind sharing your stats (GPA, patient care experience/hours,etc)? Thank you!

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