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  1. Thanks for you response. Happy to not be in suspense, got an email to be wait-listed. I like the "you betcha..." haha. Congratulations!
  2. Same, still waiting. A bit nail-biting. For those of you were accepted, congrats!! Also, if you missed the acceptance call, did you get a voicemail to call Dominican back? For those who were not accepted or were waitlisted, good luck. When did you receive the email/call? Thanks in advance for any responses.
  3. Hi Leila! I'll be interviewing on 11/3 at 12:30 pm too. See you there and everyone else! - Steph
  4. Hi! I interviewed on 10/13. I received an email 10/22 with the admission decision letter of acceptance! I'm from California, so probably why I didn't get a phone call. I was so excited; I had to read the acceptance letter 2-3 times to be sure. As for the interview, I really love the format of UNE. Like Jasmine said, it was very low stress. The interview questions were hard to prep for but definitely make sure you answer the question and point out qualities that you want them to know about you in answering those questions. Sounds intimidating but it was an enjoyable process overall. Everyone was easygoing and friendly! Also the writing sample was straightforward and not too bad. Good luck y'all!
  5. Thanks, I will be travelling with my SO. I look forward to meeting you, K8itlin, and everyone else!
  6. Hello! First time posting. I will be interviewing on Oct 13th, and I will be there at the social event the night before. Curious, is anyone bringing a plus one for the social? I will be flying out from California, and taking a train from Boston to Maine; this will be my first time in both states. I am really excited to have this opportunity. I look forward to meeting you guys. And congrats! - Steph
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