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  1. jtpng

    Fall 2019 ACCEPTED Students

    Nope, I emailed the chairperson yesterday for updates but she’s out of office until the 20th
  2. jtpng

    Fall 2019 ACCEPTED Students

    Congrats! I think Eric’s the only one who can confirm requests to join. You can find the 2019-2020 academic calendar here https://www.stjohns.edu/academics/office-registrar/academic-calendar
  3. jtpng

    Fall 2019 ACCEPTED Students

    Hooray congrats! I have the schedule for vacation breaks from 2019-2020 Breaks: 11/27/19-11/30/19 12/11/19 12/19/19-1/21/20 2/17/20 3/2/20-3/7/20 4/9/20-4/13/20 5/5/20-5/6/20 5/14/20-9/6/20
  4. jtpng

    Fall 2019 ACCEPTED Students

    Yessss same ^^^ I’m down to check out on/off campus housing with y’all later down the road to see what’s more affordable. We’ll probably be able to start planning either sometime next month or later once the class is finalized and there’s an official Facebook page for all of us
  5. jtpng

    Fall 2019 ACCEPTED Students

    Sept 4’s the first day with orientation sometime in late August
  6. jtpng

    Fall 2019 ACCEPTED Students

    @Allie123 happy belated birthday! I'm 26
  7. jtpng

    Fall 2019 ACCEPTED Students

    Yep! NY was the first place I ever visited on the east coast and I fell in love with the city. That’s very true...hopefully we’re given options on off-campus that’re more affordable and walking distance as well.
  8. jtpng

    Fall 2019 ACCEPTED Students

    I'm from CA! Super excited for this program and to meet everyone . Is anyone planning on living on or off campus? I'm hoping there's some graduating PAs we can connect with who need people to replace them when their lease is up
  9. jtpng

    2018 cycle

    Just got an email back about the cost — hope this helps! “Thank you for contacting St. John's University, the Office of Student Financial Services. I can give you an estimate based on this years tuition. Our tuition goes up approximately 2-4% each year. This year the cost of 1 credit for your program is 1420.00. I believe you program is 84 credits which would be 119,280.00 (at this years tuition rate) plus 170.00 general fee each semester. The housing charges for this year would be 10720.00 plus a 250 refundable deposit. The housing also goes up each year. If you should need further assistance, please contact us through our Customer Service Department at (718) 990-2000”

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