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  1. Case doesn’t send rejection emails that I’m aware of! They’re really big on keeping the options open to fill seats as needed since they look at the class as a whole to accept a variety of people. They’ll probably have filled the class by the end of December but will pull off the wait list through March if anyone gives up their seat, that’s what they did last year good luck!
  2. Just happened to check this forum today and wanted to say congrats!! (From meeting you at this interview and the Trine one lol)
  3. I was also accepted by phone call on December 7th and received the email this morning! I interviewed on November 15th. I’m super excited to meet everyone!
  4. I think they gave a few acceptances after the first interview but are waiting until after the second round this weekend to fill the rest of the spots. I *think* they gave a score for the application and then each interview station and will wait to see if people from the second interview group surpass people from the first group with their scores before offering acceptances. I didn’t hear anything back after the interview but I got the impression they would make most of their decisions after the second date and just hope to hear something next week!
  5. They said at yesterday’s info session that there are 32 seats with 12 being filled from last years reapplicants
  6. I’m pretty sure the December interview is the first one, but they’ve offered seats to last years waitlist. Not sure how many or how many seats they have total though! I submitted mid July and got invited to that date.
  7. I’m also interviewing on December 1st!
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