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  1. I will be interviewing on 9/21/20 in the afternoon session!
  2. Received interview invite today! Scheduled my interview for 10/15/2020! Submitted CASPA on 5/24/20 Submitted secondary application on 6/23/20
  3. I interviewed on 7/9/20 - waitlisted about 2 weeks after!
  4. Rejection email on 8/7/2020 Submitted CASPA in May!
  5. Submitted in May and haven't heard anything either!
  6. Submitted CASPA on 5/24/20 and submitted supplemental on 6/23/20. I received this email below immediately after submitting my payment for the supplemental application. Thank you for submitting your application to School of Physician Assistant Studies, Summer 2021 (Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies). We hereby acknowledge receipt. Please note that you will receive status communications via your application account; posted messages and emails about your application and supporting documents such as receipt of official transcripts, essays, recommendations, tests scores (if applicable), supplemental applications where required and other program specific requirements listed in the instructions or checklist on your choice program Webpage.When all of your documents are received and your application is complete you will be notified and based on your program, you may be invited for an interview by the admissions committee before a decision is made on your application. A Touro ID number shall be assigned and communicated to you. I haven't received a confirmation email stating that my application is complete. Anybody else? Has anyone emailed their admissions team regarding their application status?
  7. Interviewed on 7/9/2020 Waitlisted on 7/24/2020
  8. I also interviewed that day. Haven't heard anything yet!
  9. Received interview invite on 6/29/20!!! Can anyone explain what "provisional" accreditation means? I've read online that it means the program is relatively newer but still meets the ARC-PA standards.
  10. CASPA submitted 5/24/20 GRE scores received 6/6/20 Still waiting for secondary invite!
  11. CASPA submitted 5/19/20 Supplemental submitted 6/15/20 Application complete 6/16/20
  12. CASPA submitted 5/24/20 Application verified 5/26/20
  13. CASPA submitted on 5/19/20 Application verified/complete on 6/15/20
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