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  1. Submitted CASPA and supplemental application on 5/27/19!
  2. Hello everyone! Just wanted to start the forum for the current application cycle. Good luck to everyone! CASPA and supplemental application submitted on 5/26/19.
  3. Applied for TJU Center City CASPA submitted and verified on 5/20/19!
  4. Submitted CASPA on 5/18/19! Waiting to complete CASPer exam on 6/2/19.
  5. Hello everyone! Just wanted to start a forum for the current application cycle! Good luck to everyone! Submitted my CASPA on 5/17/19!
  6. Hello everyone! Just wanted to get this forum started for the current application cycle! Submitted my CASPA application on 5/17/19. Waiting to complete CASPer on 6/2/19!
  7. Received my rejection email on 11/16 Congrats to accepted students & good luck to those who have upcoming interviews or waiting to hear back!!!!
  8. I have heard nothing from them! I emailed them asking about my application status & all they told me was that final decisions, whether acceptance or denial, will be made by the end of December 2018!
  9. Still haven’t heard anything from them ? I went to NAU for undergrad & I loved it!! Hoping I can continue my education here! Congrats to everyone who had gotten accepted or received an interview!
  10. Received an email today saying my application is “still in review.” Submitted my application in July!
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