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  1. I was placed on the Alternate List! Is this for 2019-2020 cycle?
  2. Received email yesterday and I was placed on the Alternate list!
  3. I'm interview Monday 10/14!! Are you coming from out of town?
  4. Interviewing on 10/14!! What did everyone bring with them to the interview? Besides photo ID and parking pass!
  5. Received an interview invite!! Scheduled interview on 10/14/2019. Anyone else?
  6. Submitted CASPA and supplemental application on 5/27/19!
  7. Hello everyone! Just wanted to start the forum for the current application cycle. Good luck to everyone! CASPA and supplemental application submitted on 5/26/19.
  8. Applied for TJU Center City CASPA submitted and verified on 5/20/19!
  9. Submitted CASPA on 5/18/19! Waiting to complete CASPer exam on 6/2/19.
  10. Hello everyone! Just wanted to start a forum for the current application cycle! Good luck to everyone! Submitted my CASPA on 5/17/19!
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