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  1. I have made whats app group of our 2021 class. Congratulations to all of you. Inbox me your number if you like to join us.
  2. good luck everyone as cycle started on april 25th
  3. i just got acceptance .I am super excited to meet everyone ! Is there a face book group for this class.
  4. Hi, Did anyone heard back from college of saint elizbeth? What are the dates for interview?
  5. Is this thread is for city college of newyork?
  6. Any updates about waitlist??? Is the waitlist activated??
  7. Congratulations when was your interview? Were you in morning or evening session
  8. When was your interview ? Morning or evening session
  9. Hi , I have no idea about seats. Good luck for interview.
  10. No when was your interview? Did you call them and ask?
  11. Yeah I believe so too. That I was in same group.
  12. I got wait list too. Which group you was ? May be we met.
  13. How did you get acceptance via mail or email? I am starting freaking out . This is my first choice school. How do they send rejections? I did not get anything that means I am rejected .?
  14. They send acceptance letters by email. Don't lose hope.
  15. Can I ask you which group you was in group interviews. May be we met there.
  16. How long they will take to send acceptance or rejection after interview.
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