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  1. Hi there. For the interview, there were about 20-24 people total and we were divided into two groups. You have two interviews where it is you with two interviewers. I don't know if they keep everything consistent across dates, but I interviewed first with the program director and one of their advisory board members and then with one of the professors and an graduate of the program who is on the committee. They don't know anything about your stats, they assume if you are there you are qualified to be there, so they are just looking for personality and fit with their program. There were no hard or trick questions at all, they just want to know who you are and how you got to this point and what you bring to their program. The second part of the day they had six stations you rotated through, 10 minutes each station. Each station it was two candidates with one person evaluating you. For example, there was one station where they asked us to design an ideal ER room layout. Another they asked you to pretend you were on the selection committee and you only had one question to ask of your partner, what would it be? So they were more problem solving, teamwork, and social interaction type activities. My stats are kind of weird because I am a non-traditional student so I have grades from years ago and recent grades for all of the prerequisites, but overall my GPA is 3.65 and my GRE score is above average. But truthfully, Lake Erie is more about the people and less about the numbers. Yes, they want you to succeed and have 100% pass rate on the PANCE, but they care equally about the community and people.
  2. Anyone get an offer from the November 9th interviews?
  3. Has anyone who has interviewed been accepted yet? No one on here has said they have been yet.
  4. Same for me now. I also said I preferred the November 2 date so maybe I will see you there.
  5. Did they give you a date yet? I got an e-mail Friday I was selected to interview, but no definitive date yet.
  6. I know Lake Erie has started interviews, anyone get accepted yet?
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