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  1. Higher education disability administrator here! I start PA school this summer. My department is struggling to figure out what to do with students who have reduced distraction testing accommodations. How am I supposed to fix a home?! At what point do we reach reasonable vs. unreasonable accommodations? I can lengthen test time to double, supply students noise cancelling headphones/earplugs to go home with, and give the instructors a heads up that the AI system that watches them during testing will probably flag them for misconduct, but that's about it... Extending a test date or
  2. Does anyone know of a master comparison list of each school's 5 year PANCE pass rates? I'm curious to see which schools are top preforming.
  3. I received an acceptance as well. Is there a Facebook group for the class?
  4. It was an email from the admissions office saying that they have completed a preliminary evaluation of my outstanding prerequisite courses that I completed in the Summer 2020 semester.
  5. If you go to: https://takecasper.com/dates-times/ and select OSU it will say, "Not Required," You can also check other schools too while you are there.
  6. They are a first year program as far as I know. So, it is unclear how they do their invitations. Though I was confused that in the invite it said that we were the 2nd cohort. Am I wrong?
  7. Is there a Facebook group for those who are accepted for this year's incoming class?
  8. Sujatha didn't send our link out until later. However, if you're like me it never did come through and I had to request a link the next morning. What I would do is wait until 7PM or 8PM Central Time and then REPLY directly back in the email that you received from her so that she has a chain of emails to refer to and send through if there is a problem.
  9. I would have to respectfully disagree with @WakandanPA. I thought that the skills I honed while shooting for a 5.0+ on the GRE essay portion were exactly transferrable and helped me crush this essay. If you want tips, go watch GregMAT on YouTube. His GRE essay structures and formulaic writing are what I felt gave me an edge.
  10. I got an acceptance email as well! Is there a facebook group that someone has set up for us to join?
  11. I was in that group too. I don't know how much that weighs in either but I sure was conscious about it after understanding the reality I was being watched the whole time. Hopefully I didn't say anything too dumb. I can't imagine that I did, but you never know. Regardless, It was really nice to meet the whole group!
  12. Thank you for the insight @JLR2018 I have seen other example floating around here in the forum, but rarely are they in one thread like this.
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