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  1. I feel ya! I have only ever been waitlisted in three years of applying I was also waitlisted but removed myself from the WL because I accepted a seat at another program that I was also on the waitlist for! Waitlist is not a no felt so lame to hear in the past, but it came true for me so have hope y'all! MGH put together a great group of interviewees that I loved getting to know at our pre interview Zooms and hope to keep in touch with as we all continue through this process together!
  2. It's me so thank you so much and I love you I am very impressed with everyone who has gotten into all of these amazing schools! This program has been a dream for me for three years and it'll be a minute before this all sinks in but congratulations to everyone!
  3. Hey guys! I just received some info for next weeks interviews from the program via Taylor DiJohnson, but it went to my Spam! That has never happened to me so just wanted to give everyone a heads up. Also to piggyback off of the 12/17 interview group, the 12/18 interview group is having their second Zoom Meet Up on Sunday Dec 13th at 12pm! Shoot me a DM and I can get you invited. Getting so excited!
  4. Yeah I inquired with CASPA additionally and they said to reach out to the program. So I sent a follow up email stating that there was no place to upload a photo so I just attached it to the second message. Haven't heard back from LIU though either way.
  5. Oh yeah I think they have taken people off the waitlist up until the program starts in August. At least that is what I have seen in previous cycles!
  6. Haha right there with ya! Sounds like things are moving a little WL wise. We'll have to see what happens come the 13th maybe? I think that was the deadline for folks who were accepted to put down a deposit. The only thing distracting me is some other interviews later this month that I've been fortunate enough to get! Just trying to be grateful of anything that comes my way during this process
  7. The best advice I ever got for the personal statement was to show them why PA is the path for you - don’t tell them. You need to use all of your experiences in life and in medicine to again show why this career is the one for you versus all of the other options. I’d recommend checking out myparesource and How to Write Your Physician Assistant Personal Statement on Amazon/Kindle. The Pre-PA Club Facebook group is another good resource, you can search that group for personal statement posts. Good luck!
  8. 12/16 here too! Looking forward to this one, it took me by surprise that we heard this early!
  9. Waitlisted, 24th on the list. Congratulations to everyone!
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