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  1. 12/16 here too! Looking forward to this one, it took me by surprise that we heard this early!
  2. Waitlisted, 24th on the list. Congratulations to everyone!
  3. 10/9 interview here, haven’t heard anything either
  4. Okay! I’ll DM you and if anyone else for 12/18 is wanting to zoom beforehand send me a DM and we can plan something!
  5. Would anyone interviewing on 12/18 want to get together on Zoom sometime before? Calm some nerves then we can have some familiar faces on interview day.
  6. Amazing point! I can't imagine, only waiting a month has been rough - shoutout to everyone who has been on this journey since the first round of interviews! I appreciated how much emphasis the folks at Emory made at reminding us we all have what it takes to be PAs and to be at Emory. It's kept me motivated for sure!
  7. Thanks! I have been taking previous cycles with a grain of salt since this year has been so different. Looks like phone calls were made last year to acceptances, but maybe logistically it'll be easier for them to email.
  8. Welcome! These next two weeks will be interesting I'm sure it was mentioned in a previous cycle, but incase someone knows off the top of their head, will they call everyone that interviewed? Or do they just call acceptances and those who will be waitlisted? Good luck all!
  9. No problem! Yeah I'm waiting for mid-Nov to hear back from the one program I interviewed with earlier this month. Fingers crossed for us! Good luck
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