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  1. Nothing yet! I was verified by GW on 6/16 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. nope I haven't heard a thing. that kind of email would drive me nuts hahaha
  3. Looks like last years cycle started to get interview invites around 8/8-8/13. COVID could be pushing things back for this cycle, but it could potentially be as early as this or next week!
  4. Nothing from center city [emoji2308] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. !!! I got an interview! I couldn't be more excited. Interviewing on 10/9/2020 which literally feels like a lifetime away. What is everyone doing until their interviews? Other than continuing to work as an MA and finish my last class, I hope to increase my volunteering and community service hours.
  6. Congrats! When did you receive the application complete/under review email? It looks like it's averaging about a week for a response from when the application materials are received. Would be honored to interview and attend this program!
  7. I would send one in -- it's another opportunity to sell yourself and your experience to the program. Can also highlight your strengths whether it be work experience, leadership and volunteer opportunities, awards, observation etc. Happy to share mine if you need an example!
  8. Anyone else get the GRE/PA-CAT email? I read it really fast and thought it was saying we had to take both Has anyone taken the PA-CAT? I'm kind of intrigued to take it, I feel like I would do better than the GRE.
  9. welp, the fact that I haven't heard anything makes me concerned now.
  10. Anyone else still on the waitlist wondering if we should apply again?
  11. Did they give you any feedback about why they waitlisted you? I had a school give me some pretty lame feedback for a waitlist so I am hoping it was just that one program.
  12. Second time applying. I am 28, 29 next month. This is considered old to PA schools when it comes to your courses so keep an eye on that haha. Starting to retake older courses in order to be able to apply to more schools that have a 5-7 year cut off. cGPA 3.51 sGPA 3.46 HCE: 2600 hours as an MA, 1040 hours as a PT Aide, 4160 hours as a strength and conditioning coach/personal trainer at a small privately own gym (not a chain). PCE: 13000 hours as an athletic trainer. (5 years at the same high school, helped to build a robust sports medicine program that was lacking in policies, procedures, etc) GRE: 300 on the nose twice, but same here did not do great even with more studying and a retake (my math is atrocious). Thankfully more schools are looking at candidates more holistically. LORS: 1 Professor/Program Director, 1 Manager of Outpatient Orthopedics (my current manager), 1 MD Head of Orthopedic Surgery, 2 PAs - 1 Chief PA of Orthopedics, 1 Senior Ortho PA/Clinical Education (aka she is the smartest human I know) Volunteer: 100 hours of delivering meals to families in need and medical volunteering at the Boston Marathon and other major races. COVID Essay: I did fill out a COVID essay to explain how I continued to work during the pandemic directly with COVID patients on in-patient floors for 3 months during the height of the cases here in Boston. Shadowing PAs: 200 hours in various environments. Orthopedics, ED, oncology, surgical oncology, thoracic surgery. Shadowing MDs: 30 hours of clinic and surgical observation in orthopedics which also included observing PAs. Leadership roles as an AT: - I served as the Children's Hospital Boston Liaison to my company. I coordinated surgical and clinical observation for our staff including ATCs and DPTs. - Clinical Preceptor for athletic training student interns for two years. Helped to educate AT students in hands-on learning environment. Leadership in college: - Student Ambassador, gave tours and hosted prospective students to sit in on classes with me. - Orientation Leader, assisted a group of 20+ new students during their first days at college by coordinating activities and outings around campus and off-campus. - President of the AT Club during undergrad. Coordinated study groups, educational events, and info sessions for aspiring AT students. Coordinated a yearly cadaver lab for AT students to spend a whole day doing cadaver lab dissections and identification with prosected cadavers.
  13. I saw that too! I am intrigued to see if the same will happen this cycle. Good luck!
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