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  1. No follow up email from Shirley but I did receive an email to set up my mystar account like a week after I paid. What about you?
  2. There was about 40 people in mine. We sat in a room talking to current students while waiting for our interview time. It was two 20 minute interviews. Good luck to all
  3. I will be turning down my acceptance due to an acceptance into another program. Hopefully someone on the waitlist will get the call soon
  4. Me too! See you there and good luck the nerves are kicking in for me already
  5. I have denied my interview request. Hopefully this will give someone else an opportunity to interview. Good luck!!
  6. I haven’t heard anything. I’m sure you can email Lisa though for confirmation
  7. During my interview, the students told me thats what they were doing this year. Putting everyone on the wait list (unless you’ve been accepted) and then not sending out rejections until the class is full. So pulling people off the wait list and whoever doesn’t get pulled off gets a rejection. Idk how accurate this is but this is what the current students told me during my interview that they were doing.
  8. I think everyone who interviewed gets puts on the waitlist (unless you were accepted). So rejections don’t get sent out until the class is full.
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