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  1. @August90 I was wondering that too about the facebook group, it would be nice to have. I don't know if the school has set it up in the past or if someone just makes it for the class. I started looking around for housing too but don't really know what to look for budget wise until we talk to financial aid.
  2. Gave up my interview spot for January 24th hopefully somebody else can take it
  3. The waitlist packet is very confusing, it is all very congratulatory and it makes it sound like you have been accepted and it confuses me. I am like very low on the waitlist and the way it makes it sound is that I’ll be given a spot eventually? So will they not do interviews next year and just offer everyone on the waitlist a seat? I never heard of any other program ever doing that
  4. Just got an acceptance call!! So excited! Good luck everybody
  5. It doesn’t look like anyone heard anything today, some people got called Friday. I’m hoping it wasn’t everybody maybe we’ll hear tomorrow. Good luck! I thought I remember them saying at the interview we would hear Monday or Tuesday.
  6. I'm feeling the same way, I just wish they would have emailed last week like they said they would. Fingers crossed I guess still though
  7. I still haven’t gotten an email, anybody else?
  8. I just got checked in and stuff, if you guys want to meet up before hand I’m available
  9. They said today we would hear from them on the 14th
  10. There was a girl in my interview group that said she was on that waitlist and never heard anything so she called and they offered a spot, you could try that maybe? I think they have one more interview day
  11. well I guess its better knowing that than sitting anxiously all week, thanks for letting us know!
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