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  1. Hi there! All I have to say is, APPLY! I applied to Baylor as my "reach" program (that I did not think I would actually be accepted into), was waitlisted for an interview initially, was eventually granted an interview, then was in the top ten people on the waitlist again, and then eventually ACCEPTED! Just go for it Also, your stats weren't too different from my own.
  2. I am currently trying to decide between Midwestern and another great school and I am honestly feeling pretty discouraged by the business casual dress code. Not only am I not big on being uncomfortable all day in class, its also frustrating to know I'll be spending time each morning on my appearance rather than catching up on sleep or studying. I'm trying not to let it sway my decision, but I would be lying if I said it wasn't at least a little bit. Is anyone else feeling this same way?Any current students have any insight on this?
  3. Hi there! I did not apply until August ( marked complete on Aug 30th actually), and on September 5th I received an email for an interview invite! I was accepted into the class immediately following my interview. There is hope if you're applying later
  4. To any of the people that were accepted, what is the date they gave you guys to pay your deposit and determine if you would like a seat in the class? I am just trying to guess about when we will see some movement on the waitlist. Thank you in advance!
  5. Does anyone know if we are required to report our parent's income for fasfa? Fafsa states that it is not required for fafsa specifically, but that we may be required by our program to include the information when we submit. I'm not sure what to do in this situation.
  6. Does anyone know if interview dates are at all flexible? I have already accepted an interview for the same day so I was hoping to be able to reschedule this one to be able to attend both P.S. This is for Knoxville campus on January 18th
  7. Hi everyone! Congrats to everyone on their interviews! I was wondering if anyone could provide a concrete date for the prerequisite course completion time limit. For example, I am aware that the science courses must be no more than seven years old, so would that mean that courses taken in the fall of 2011 would be the last courses to make the cut since those courses were completed in December of 2011 (within 7 years)? Or would they not make the cut since they BEGAN more than seven years ago in August of 2011? Thanks in advance for any insight!
  8. I will be interviewing on the 5th of December as well!
  9. I interviewed the same day and they said they would have the meeting next Tuesday to decide
  10. I got the same email and my app was verified September 20th. Hope this helps! ?
  11. Does anyone know if we interview at this campus, how it may influence our chances at another campus? I also applied to the Knoxville campus which would probably be my first choice, so I am curious if I interview in ATL if I will still be given the same consideration in Knox. Any info is appreciated! ?
  12. I received the same email! See you on the 2nd!
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