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  1. 8/27 interview and I just got an acceptance too! Congrats to everyone and good luck to those interviewing!
  2. Quick question for anyone who may know...I'm entering in my courses and my Biochem course was under a pharmacy course title (description says biochem but course number is pharmacy). When I am entering this should I put biochemistry or pharmacy as the subject drop down option? Another example would be: I took a Pharmacoethics course, I am unsure if this should be listed as Pharmacy or Medical Ethics for the subject. Essentially, should I go with the course title or the actual course content? Thank you in advance!
  3. Just wondering if anyone knows a bit about transcript entry. I took a class at a community college, but it has my courses from my main college listed on the transcript as transfer credit. Do I have to list these under my courses for the community college? Or no because they will already be listed on the courses tab for my main college? Really hoping I don't have to list these twice...
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