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  1. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend (it’s Super Bowl weekend Let’s go Chiefs!). But in other news, has anyone received an acceptance or update with their status on the waitlist? I haven’t heard anything since mid-December..
  2. Congrats on the acceptance & thank you for giving another one of us a chance!
  3. I received an interview invite yesterday as well. I’m super excited! I scheduled to have it on January 8.
  4. Hey everyone! Just found out that I was also placed on the waitlist. Bittersweet news but still hopeful for the best.
  5. I interviewed on 10/26 but I haven’t heard back or received any emails
  6. Hello everyone! Congrats to everyone who received an acceptance letter or invite to this program. I submitted my application on CASPA on 6/18/2020; application was under review since 6/24/2020; & today I received an interview invitation. I’m super excited for the opportunity to interview for this program and to speak with faculty.
  7. Yes, I received an email that my application was under review from FSU PA program on 06/26/2020
  8. Hello everyone! Congrats to everyone who received an interview invite. I just received an invite to interview for Oct 26. I am super excited! Submitted application on CASPA: 06/05/2020 Verified on CASPA: 05/28/2020 Application under review: 06/26/2020 Interview invite: 09/15/2020
  9. Congrats to everyone who received an acceptance I just received an invite to interview for Sept 25. I am super excited! Submitted application on CASPA: 05/28/2020 Verified on CASPA: 05/28/2020 Application under review: 05/29/2020 Interview invite: 09/14/2020
  10. Hello everyone. The waiting game is excruciating.. but September is creeping up... Good luck to everyone applying this cycle. CASPA Verified:05/28/2020 Submitted application : 05/27/2020 Application under review email: 07/17/2020
  11. Just received a rejection email from Yale PA online. This is very disheartening but I’m hopeful that I will hear better news from other PA programs. Good luck to everyone this cycle and thank you all for your positive and inspiring posts.
  12. Congrats Emily! Waiting is so excruciating . My CASPA application was verified on 05/28; Application under review on 06/01; Received a call from Grace that my app was under review on 06/02;
  13. January 2021 will be the starting date for the 4th cohort of Yale’s online PA program though...
  14. I’m so excited and anxious... just received an email indicating that my supplemental application fee was received and that my application is under review.
  15. My Caspa application was verified this morning. So now I’m waiting to hear back from Yale whether my application will be under review
  16. Keep your head up and don't give up on your dream to become a PA.
  17. Congrats to everyone invited for an interview! I wanted to catch up with you all. I submitted my application on CASPA this morning(EST) (my last two Evaluators finally submitted their LOR on my behalf)... Now is just the waiting game to get verified. I have been a medical assistant at a women health clinic for a little over 5 yrs now. Located in South Florida. & Yale PA online is my top choice program.
  18. That was definitely one of many questions asked in the meeting, however I don’t recall the faculty members or the admission counselors giving a direct date or answer to that. I do recall them stating that they just started reviewing applications
  19. The program overview information they presented can be found on the Yale online PA website. They also posted new information in regards to the class profile statistics ... which I found to be extremely informative. https://paonline.yale.edu/admissions/class-profile/
  20. Is anyone planning on attending the information webinar today ?
  21. The three additional questions posted on CASPA is the supplemental application. Once you submit your verified application through Caspa and send your application fee to Yale .. then it’s just the waiting game. HTH
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