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  1. I just declined my seat to the program. I hope that it opens up a spot for someone else on the waitlist who really wants to go to CMU! Best of luck to everyone!!
  2. Kowalchi

    Ohio: University of Dayton 2018-2019

    It is a mix of individual, 1 group activity, and an essay just like Kyle11 said! Best advice would be to smile and be yourself. Out of all my interviews so far, I felt that the faculty here made me feel the most comfortable. Don't stress over it and try to enjoy yourself, the staff and students are really nice and easy to talk to! In response to Kyle11: Congrats!! Are you waiting to hear from other schools still as well, or do you think you will choose to go to Dayton?
  3. Kowalchi

    Ohio: University of Dayton 2018-2019

    I interviewed 11/05/18 and just received and email today stating that they are holding a spot in the program for me. Did anyone else get accepted? I would love to meet others joining the program! ?
  4. Kowalchi

    MICHIGAN: Concordia University Ann Arbor

    Does anyone know an email to contact them and ask about prerequisites? I want to double check a course I took would count for English Composition.

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