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  1. Perhaps start the application cycle but don’t spend your money right away in submitting? I would wait maybe until June (still considered early) before actually submitting the ones with rolling admissions.
  2. Me too!! Is there an acceptance page on Facebook or something?
  3. I’m not sure how to copy the direct link to the class but have you searched “USC PA Class of 2022”? Some of us have started inquiring about roommates (myself included)!
  4. Mandatory orientation August 19-23 and first day August 26!
  5. For accepted students, did anyone receive an email from dean of admissions regarding statement of intent? I can’t seem to find the form
  6. I have given up my interview spot as I have been accepted elsewhere. Good luck everyone!
  7. Awww man! hopefully!! Keep me updated on your journey!
  8. I was so excited about the call I think I lost my hearing when he said we would be getting our email. Did he say within a week?
  9. I want to say they will also be calling some tomorrow but not 100% sure. Keep faith though! I got the call late (I’m in Florida so I got it at 9pm here)
  10. Hi!! Yes I hope so too! I think they may be calling tomorrow as well but not 100% sure. Keep me updated!!
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