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  1. I've been waitlisted too. I was bracing myself for this, as I didn't receive a phone call. Still feeling very disheartened as this was my top choice
  2. I sent an email about this situation to Allison Hardy and the PA Department. If I get a response, I’ll let everyone know!
  3. Hi! When did you receive the phone call from Dr. Wright? I interviewed on 12/1 as well. Did you apply to the dual program? Thank you!!!
  4. Has anyone recently gotten an acceptance for the MPH/PA dual program? I interviewed on 12/1 for the dual program and am anxiously waiting for my decision.
  5. @GWUlian I interviewed this past weekend and have 2 questions I forgot to mention. 1. What’s the incoming class size? How many MPH/PA students are accepted? 2. Will students from this session receive “early acceptance” phone calls in the coming days? Or will everyone just be notified before the holidays? Thank you so much for your help!!
  6. hey did you interview on 10/16? I had mine on that day and still haven’t heard back
  7. hey did you interview on 10/16? I had mine on that day and still haven’t heard back
  8. Received a waitlist letter in the mail after 10/2 interview ? I’m so sad, this is my top choice school and I thought I nailed the interview
  9. Received a call from Mr. White today that I will be getting an acceptance letter in the mail this week! I interviewed on 10/13
  10. received an email today with my acceptance! interviewed on 10/1, im so happy to have the opportunity to be a PA ?
  11. I received confirmation from Carol today that my “name will be kept active on the alternate list”
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