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  1. Congrats!! I also had issues with trying to pay the deposit. I would call Graduate Admissions up directly and ask them about it. They helped me solve the issue.
  2. So far waitlisted, but already committed to Kean (I live in NJ, so it's much more convenient for me).
  3. The question they asked me was " How does the phrase 'knowing your limitations' apply to the PA profession?" I'm not sure if they asked other people something else or something similar. But it's really meant to just kinda assess how you can right on the fly. They asked me for around 500 words minimum. Hope this helps!
  4. Each interviewer will usually rotate with asking questions. My interview in total was about 25-40 minutes (with a 15 minute writing prompt at the start before meeting the adcoms). Best of luck with everything!
  5. Yeah, they asked me similar questions too! Showing your true personality is the best advice to be honest (we had a few laughs during our interview, so I think it definitely factored into their decision. Lol). Looking forward to meeting my fellow classmates in the Fall!
  6. I think it may be different for each applicant, but do expect questions like "Tell us about yourself and why (or how) you came to the decision to become a PA?" and also "Why Kean's program in particular?" I also was asked if I applied to other schools, and if you have a lower-end GPA, do expect them to ask about past academic failures and how you fixed it up. Hope this helps!
  7. As one who is finishing a Master's Degree, I was recently accepted into a Provisional PA Program (Kean University in NJ) and will be matriculating this upcoming Fall Semester into their inaugural class. I definitely feel the other answers in this forum are very valid and would like to share my own experience. I will be graduating this Summer with a Master's of Biomedical Sciences, the curriculum is a VERY rigorous program that essentially covers all the material you would learn in the 1st year of medical school. Thankfully, I was able to set aside the time (while also working Part-Time fo
  8. So I asked and they told me they would accept an Organic Chemistry Lab in lieu of a Biochem with lab. But you do need to take a Biochem course (Organic Chem was a prereq for Biochem at my Undergrad). I would double check with the faculty first though.
  9. The inaugural class would start this September. We should be getting more info on orientation and stuff in the upcoming months leading up to it.
  10. Sure. Undergrad GPA: 3.02 Master's GPA: 3.4 PA Shadowing Hours: 100 (Kean counts hours worked with a PA as well). Healthcare Hours: 839 ER Volunteer Hours + 3,240 Medical Scribe Hours. I hope this doesn't discourage anyone with other stats from applying. They do factor in retakes and upper-level courses for Prerequisite GPA. Feel free to ask any other questions.
  11. Hi all, Busy times, sorry about the delay. So thankfully I interviewed and was "conditionally accepted" !!! Conditions being that I submit a final transcript from my prior school (I currently go to Rutgers). I did also notice that they delayed their application deadline until June 15th, so there's plenty of time for those who wanna apply. I'm really happy that I made it this far. But I'm free to answer any questions about my credentials and healthcare experience. Best of luck to everyone else who's applying.
  12. I applied Mid-Late January. I was initially skeptical since it's a brand new program, but am hopeful. The Director and Assistant Director are also very accessible and happy to discuss concerns through Webex/Zoom (I had session with the Program Director and she was very helpful). You can try reaching out too!
  13. Hi, Applied and still waiting for a decision. Only thing I've heard is that ARC-PA officially granted them Provisional Accreditation. So it's officially an accredited PA program. Otherwise, still anxiously waiting. lol!
  14. Hello, To summarize, I'm a hopeful Pre-PA student who has unfortunately messed up quite a lot during my Undergraduate years and ended with a cGPA of 3.02 (my school offers grade-forgiveness), and a scGPA that I didn't even bother trying to calculate given that it would obviously be under a 3.0. This was due to personal arrogance in thinking I could handle such a rigorous courseload while also working and thus not taking it as seriously as I should. Thankfully, I was accepted into a Masters of Biomedical Sciences program and am enrolled currently in hopes of taking more advanced upper-leve
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