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  1. I applied Mid-Late January. I was initially skeptical since it's a brand new program, but am hopeful. The Director and Assistant Director are also very accessible and happy to discuss concerns through Webex/Zoom (I had session with the Program Director and she was very helpful). You can try reaching out too!
  2. Hi, Applied and still waiting for a decision. Only thing I've heard is that ARC-PA officially granted them Provisional Accreditation. So it's officially an accredited PA program. Otherwise, still anxiously waiting. lol!
  3. Hello, To summarize, I'm a hopeful Pre-PA student who has unfortunately messed up quite a lot during my Undergraduate years and ended with a cGPA of 3.02 (my school offers grade-forgiveness), and a scGPA that I didn't even bother trying to calculate given that it would obviously be under a 3.0. This was due to personal arrogance in thinking I could handle such a rigorous courseload while also working and thus not taking it as seriously as I should. Thankfully, I was accepted into a Masters of Biomedical Sciences program and am enrolled currently in hopes of taking more advanced upper-leve
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