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  1. Does anyone know if they doing anymore interviews?
  2. Whoever got invited for interview, can you please share your stats. I am getting nervous
  3. Did you receive a supplemental? I still havent gotten that.
  4. I submitted my application like a month ago, and I have not heard anything back since then. Is anyone else on the same page?
  5. People who got invites or acceptances, can you please share your stats. It’ll keep the anxiety low . Thank you
  6. Thats awesome! and yes I most definitely will! Did you get back any acceptances?
  7. I have BCP as 3.11 Bio as 3.5 Overall 3.45 Patient care- 7000 Health care- 1000 Volunter-5000 LEadership hours Tutoring Shadowing PA and radiologist You think I will still have a chance
  8. My stats arent so great GPA wise, but i do have like 7000 patient care experience, loads of volunteering, leadship 3.11 BCP Biology 3.5 Overall 3.45 Do you think i have a chance at sju
  9. Hey can you please share your stats. i am already nervous as it is. It will be a big relief for me and probably other students who are wondering because my stats aren’t so strong.
  10. Hey So lets start an honest post. I am so unmotivated now that CASPA verified my information. I never thought I’d be so low on science gpa for some reason. BCP total- 3.12 Cumulative science- 3.11 Cumulative- 3.45 Extracurricular activity- Club- 56 hours Health Care Experience: - Doctor assistant , patient representative at a radiology 736 hours Leadership- public relations 360 hours Patient Care Experience: (6236 hours , breakdown below) -Volunteer at OBGYN - 750 hours - Volunteer In India underserved - 216 hours - Compens
  11. Hi, has anyone submitted their application this month? Can you please tell me the verification time. I kind of submitted it a little late and I still want to submit few more for 10-1 deadline. Thanks
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