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  1. c.GPA: 3.71 s.GPA: 3.55 1800 hours as a Critical Care Technician PA shadowing 108 LORS: PA, MD and Director of nursing I am also a certified Medical Technologist through the ASCP
  2. Starting this to see if any future classmates see it! I got a letter in the mail on September 16th that I have been accepted! I am so happy I loved the school and the faculty so much. I cannot wait to start in July!
  3. Giving up my interview spot because I got into my top school! I hope this helps someone out! goodluck
  4. Giving up my interview spot today as I got accepted into my top school! I hope this helps someone out! good luck
  5. I interviewed on 7/16 and this morning got an email saying they were pleased to offer me a seat on the waitlist! I had to email back to accept my position.
  6. Just received an email that I was invited to interview on July 25th!!
  7. Thank you!! Applied May 14th, Verified May 15th Stats: cGPA: 3.71 sGPA: 3.55 PCE: 1800 hours as a Critical Care Technician LORS: PA, MD and Chief Nursing Supervisor PA Shadowing: 108 Im also certified through the ASCP as a Medical Laboratory Scientist
  8. Got an email and I will be interviewing July 16th! Good luck again!!
  9. Got a call today and I’ll be interviewing July 12th!
  10. Hi everyone and good luck Invite to interview received today 6/7 for 6/24
  11. Verified on 5/20 Invite to Interview on 5/30 Good luck everyone
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