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  1. Oh yeah, I reviewed that a little before and will definitely take it into consideration my next round. I had that same issue with some classes too. I think i'm at the point where i'd need to retake psychology since I took it in 2009.
  2. mobando

    2018-2019 Application Cycle

    Just got my rejection in the mail today. Good luck to you other candidates!
  3. Yeah i've heard that too. It is a school that has both in-state and out-of-state tuition and from what i've seen, they have accepted mostly out of state students because it can bring the program more money for their first year. They say 16 this year, 22 next year, and 28 the 3rd year and will cap it most likely at 30. The school I was waitlisted for has not received accreditation yet and are planning on a Jan 2019 start so there is that possibility that other candidates will take what they get. They do not offer numbers for waitlist. It totally is a numbers game and i'm growing accustomed to accepting rejections. What research/schools have you found that actually look at the student and not just numbers?
  4. mobando

    2018-2019 Cycle

    Congrats! I interviewed that day, but unfortunately haven't heard anything. It's a great program.
  5. Thank you. Yes I did apply in early June for all programs. What i'm also seeing is that some of these programs have bachelors with pre-PA programs where the students are guaranteed a seat as long as they do well in the undergrad. That cuts program seats in half at least which makes it even more difficult when there are more applicants. The program I was waitlisted for will only have a class of 16 and they interviewed close to 200 people.
  6. I am a Certified Athletic Trainer and I work at a private physical therapy clinic and did outsource work to women's semi pro soccer and a local high school. I just accepted a new position in a hospital setting as a senior rehab tech. I also have the experience of completing a program which has a clinical and didactic phase and working with MDs, PAs, and other healthcare professionals. I applied to schools all over, no place in particular and only a few repeats. I have used the same PA I shadowed and supervisor (owner/PTs) as a LORs. This is my first year that I earned an interview: one being a developing program which I was waitlisted for and a top 10 school which I am waiting to hear back from.
  7. Hey all, so I am in my third year applying (second where I have fully invested myself). As I compare my stats to other applicants, I feel that I do have good experience (2 BS degrees, 5k+ hands-on hrs, 100+ PA shadow hrs, 20+ surgical shadow hrs, 130+ volunteer and community service hrs) but I believe my calculated overall GPA is poor due to classes I took when I first started college in 2008. I have since retaken all of the major prerequisite courses due to them being out of date or earning a low grade, but they still seem to haunt my CASPA GPA. For example: A&P 1 was a C in 2009 and I retook it in 2017 for an A A&P 2 was a C in 2009 and I retook it in 2016 for a B Medical Terminology was a C in 2013 (couldn't take the online midterm due to a delayed flight) and I retook it in 2016 for an A A few other courses (non-science electives) that did not transfer towards my degrees. Even though I retook these courses, my overall GPA stands at a 3.18 and my overall science GPA stands at a 3.27. My last 40 credits which are all core prerequisites (gen chem 1/2 w/ labs, org chem w/lab, biochem, A&P 1/2, Genetics, Microbiology w/ lab, medical terminology, and college algebra) is a 3.52. Has past, poor grades affected anyone else in their application(s)? How did you overcome it? Thank you
  8. I did not. They are probably a great program, but I did not like the fact that they said there isn't a rolling admission yet they sent out a large number of invites already. I have dealt with a couple programs in the past that once I sent all my money, they wrote back and said their class was full. Did you decide to apply @yeilr?
  9. Anybody else not receive any correspondence from the program?
  10. I haven't heard anything back from them yet. I hate the waiting haha.
  11. Haven't heard anything back yet. Applied and verified in June. This is my 2nd attempt.
  12. So i'm guessing at this point if they haven't sent any type of correspondence, I should consider that a rejection....
  13. mobando

    2018-2019 Application Cycle

    From out of state (CO) and haven't heard anything yet.
  14. mobando

    2018 Application Cycle

    Just got the rejection. Wish it wasn't so informal as a "Dear Candidate...."
  15. I'm just trying to decide if it's worth doing the application and paying the ~$175 for CASPA, GRE, Supplemental, etc. I did that to a couple schools last year and within 12 hours of sending them the $75+ non-refundable supplemental fee I would get a response saying they had filled all interview spots.....this was 2 months before their CASPA window closed. Wanting to make sure that isn't the issue with RVU.

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