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  1. mobando

    Colorado Mesa University

    I just emailed CMU to confirm that all students started. It's weird that the ones on the active waitlist wouldn't hear anything about it.
  2. mobando

    Colorado Mesa University

    That's what I'm thinking too. They'd need to fill that seat ASAP.
  3. mobando

    Colorado Mesa University

    Nothing. I let them know that I live within the state and if a seat becomes available, I fully intend to be a part of the class. They said thank you and confirmed I was on the list.
  4. mobando

    Colorado Mesa University

    Any word from CMU for you?
  5. mobando

    Colorado Mesa University

    Put in a good word for me!
  6. mobando

    Colorado Mesa University

    I was just asked to remain on the active waitlist just in case any accepted students decide to decline at the last second. Looks like a January 2nd start.
  7. mobando

    2018-2019 Cycle

  8. mobando

    Colorado Mesa University

    I have not heard anything. Cutting it close haha.
  9. Received my rejection on Friday as a Hawaii Outreach Applicant. Good luck Hawaiians!!!
  10. Unfortunately nothing back yet. I was born and raised in Hawaii, but live in CO now.
  11. Oh yeah, I reviewed that a little before and will definitely take it into consideration my next round. I had that same issue with some classes too. I think i'm at the point where i'd need to retake psychology since I took it in 2009.
  12. mobando

    2018-2019 Application Cycle

    Just got my rejection in the mail today. Good luck to you other candidates!
  13. Yeah i've heard that too. It is a school that has both in-state and out-of-state tuition and from what i've seen, they have accepted mostly out of state students because it can bring the program more money for their first year. They say 16 this year, 22 next year, and 28 the 3rd year and will cap it most likely at 30. The school I was waitlisted for has not received accreditation yet and are planning on a Jan 2019 start so there is that possibility that other candidates will take what they get. They do not offer numbers for waitlist. It totally is a numbers game and i'm growing accustomed to accepting rejections. What research/schools have you found that actually look at the student and not just numbers?
  14. mobando

    2018-2019 Cycle

    Congrats! I interviewed that day, but unfortunately haven't heard anything. It's a great program.

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