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  1. I called today for a different reason and Ms. Powers said they were having a meeting with IT to smooth things out so hopefully itll happen soon. I was able to get an email address though after registering for an account
  2. After you applied they sent you an email with the link to the student portal (self service center). Once you log in, click on applications
  3. I have received my decision and I have been ACCEPTED into the first cohort. Check your status online as it wasn't sent via email
  4. I will definitely be using this service. Thank you
  5. It was in one of the emails that was sent, I tried to paste the link but it showed up very long. Mine still says applied.
  6. You're not going to attend the interview?
  7. You got my hopes up! Haha. It's all good. From what I've seen there are 3 interview dates so far based on this forum (5/9, 5/10, & 5/15) and maybe around 15 people who have said they received an invite. Anyways, where is everyone coming from? I'm coming from Colorado, originally from Hawaii.
  8. That would make more sense since that is a Monday. Haha. I guess we'll find at the interview
  9. Under the applications tab in the self service center it says 10/20/2019
  10. Has anyone heard of a potential start date for N Kentucky? On their portal it says 10/20/2019 but that would leave a short time for the first semester. Edit: Just looked at the course schedule and 10/20 makes sense since the first term is only 8 weeks.
  11. I received an invite too. I'll be there on May 9th!
  12. I applied to the North Campus as well. Has anybody heard the number of seats that would be available if they become accredited (which they most likely will)? Updates look like they will be available in your portal starting the middle of March for the April-June interviews.
  13. I just emailed CMU to confirm that all students started. It's weird that the ones on the active waitlist wouldn't hear anything about it.
  14. That's what I'm thinking too. They'd need to fill that seat ASAP.
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