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  1. I will be giving up my seat, congrats to whoever takes my spot!
  2. Just got the call !!! Interviewed 11/6, so excited!!!
  3. Has anyone who's been accepted decided to do either of the ELP tracks?
  4. I was pulled from the waitlist last month. They will call!
  5. Did you all get the email about the program going on probation? not quite sure what this would mean for the upcoming cohorts...
  6. It's also the 6th! I'll be there for the November 6th interview can't wait!
  7. I also applied in July. I checked in via email to see if there was a status update in early August. Here is what Sandy sent back: "It is possible to be notified of an interview invitation anytime between now and late September, and it is also possible to not hear anything until all interview slots are filled, all offers of acceptance are made, and the cycle is closed. " Now that it's October, feeling like my chances are also gone holding out some hope until I hear "no" though!
  8. Hi everyone! I'll be at the July 22-23 interview as well and would love to meet up! Staying at the Four Points hotel but not getting in until Monday afternoon. If anyone is interested in dinner or a drink Monday evening I'd be down! Can't wait to meet you all!
  9. Awesome, congrats guys! For those of you who just got interviews, do you mind telling us when you submitted and paid the fee?
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