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  1. Statiscally, there are way more new NPs produced than PAs each year... oh and half of these new NPs did online for profit school programs... you must be from Pennsylvania which is a crappy place to be a PA
  2. So many new ill-prepared NP's are saturating the marked and are so damn excited to find any job that they are willing to work for 35 to 40 bucks per hour which is ridiculous... anyways, I left my previous job to go to one that pays at least double that. Overaturation of provider market by NPs is bad news for prospective pAs that have to compete for bottom of barrel paying jobs.
  3. Yes it matters. All these unprepared new NP's are driving PA opprtunities and salaries down. My former urgent job hired two new NP's for 40 dollars per hour and wanted us PA's to take a pay cut. Moreover, their online NP training did not prepare them to treat anything. We taught them to treat URI's and UTI's. The physician owner here had enough and delegated all midlevels including PA's to taking vitals, doing urine dips, drawing blood ourselves and only seeing simple complaints. Before these NP's came onboard, we saw all types of patients; we were open to consult witht he physician when we wanted to.
  4. Mine required minimum 2000 and included these core rotations Inpatient medicine, family medicine, inpatient psych, EM, Surgery, Peds, OBGYN inpatient, and other electives. Needed to write an actual case report (15 pages each) with literature support totaling 10 during the clinical year. Also had end of the rotation exams that required at least 80 percent on each one of them. About 5 percent of my class failed at least one rotations and had to repeat an additional semester before being allowed to graduate. Moreover, we had to complete a 30 page epidemiology research paper for master thesis before receiving our diplomas. I heard there is NO FAIL for NP rotations, lol. Pathetic Seriously, we do way more than DNP and physical therapy and optometry. We should be awarded doctor of medical science. This one FNP I know only SHADOWED an MD I know at his clinic for 2 months and got her clinical satisfied. That physician thinks she cannot even identify and treat basic strep throat - when pimped she said we would treat with zpak lol
  5. Doesn't she know that proctosol-HC which is commonly used for hemorrhoid contains hydrocortisone, topical steroid? she could have at least looked it up on uptodate or something.
  6. Just heard that because NP programs are having issues finding acceptable preceptors, they have now changed their 750 hour clinical requirements. 50% of those clinical hours can be done on simulated patients in sim labs. If you thought their education could not get any worse. This is a joke. This news has to start spreading in public and in hospitals.
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