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  1. Received denial email as well today Good luck everyone!
  2. Wish it wasn’t such late notice...especially for ones who need to relocate from far away
  3. I’ve always printed it out, wrote on it, and mailed it in.
  4. Maybe that’s a good thing? Think they’re weeding out apps they don’t want first and letting pple know early?
  5. They already reviewed my app and declined me an interview
  6. The earliest I’ve ever seen the interview process start (at least since 08) has been Aug and goes thru March
  7. Most schools are pretty consistent with getting back to you via email. Mine came about a month later.
  8. Submitted 5/15. Verified 6/3. Reviewed and declined on the same day lol! 7/9
  9. The GRE is still not needed and your degree needs to be done by the start of the program next fall.
  10. Hi! I'm in the same boat as well. I have been applying on and off for the past 11 years but only at one local college because of being a single mom w/ 3 kids at home and could not relocate. I have had 5 interviews and numerous denial letters. This year my youngest is finally 18. I am 45 years old with 20+ years of experience as a CT/Xray tech and have a good amount of hours volunteering. I graduated with my AAS and BAS with honors but lovely CASPA doesn't care about that lol! My sGPA is only at a 3.1 cGPA 3.4 and last 60 3.6. I, as well, have been told I would make an excellent PA, along with great LOR's. One interviewer flat out told me, having the heart is not good enough and another asked how I would handle the rigorous program having 3 young kids (IMO he should've never asked me that). I may not be a 4.0 student, but damn I'm not stupid lol! I know it's my GPA that is holding me back. Their concern is my ability to handle the curriculum. I'm not in my 20's and able to go to school full time. I had kids to raise, a full time job, and paid for my classes out of pocket. I have repeated classes either for better grades/expiring. I have never considered anything else than PA b/c that is where my heart is. Until recently, I learned about ABSN's and the numerous programs for NP. I'm at that point in my life that I do not want to be a life long student. I have perseverance, but what I want is to be a mid level provider and be done with school. At what point do you realistically say, this isn't going to happen and move on? My only con about going the NP route, is I honestly prefer the medical model over theory and writing papers. This year I plan on applying to about 10 PA schools and a few ABSN programs. If I do get into and complete my ABSN, I will evaluate then to see if I will continue onto FNP or reapply for PA. Anyways, thanks for letting me share. This is my first post about my situation and it's nice to see/get feedback from other's in the same situation
  11. Finally received the “meets requirements” email today ? Submitted beginning of Oct.
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