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  1. Oh believe me, I called as soon as they cancelled the flight yesterday lol! Maria said they actually had a few calls of pple stuck bc of traveling/weather issues
  2. Totally bummed!! Spent all day between 3 airports trying to get from the Midwest to PNW with delay after delay then a cancelled flight due to the fog never lifting
  3. Congrats! I’m flying in from Michigan to Pasco airport. I’m used to driving in winter weather but didn’t want to take the chance with it being Jan and not sure if chains are needed. Seattle, Spokane, snd Portland are all about 2-3 hours away. Yakima has an airport too but a little more expensive but only half an hour from Heritage University. Pasco is about an hour away.
  4. Received an interview invite for Jan 11th!!! My daughter's bday as well, so hopefully that's a good sign
  5. Hi! By chance do you know if there will be anymore interview sessions? Thank you
  6. Received this email Friday Fingers and toes crossed!!
  7. I received this email today as well. Hopefully soon!!
  8. Received denial email as well today Good luck everyone!
  9. Wish it wasn’t such late notice...especially for ones who need to relocate from far away
  10. I’ve always printed it out, wrote on it, and mailed it in.
  11. Maybe that’s a good thing? Think they’re weeding out apps they don’t want first and letting pple know early?
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