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  1. Yes, you just have to ask. I found out my spot on Monday when I inquired about my status.
  2. Not necessarily! I emailed Rita and she informed me I was waitlisted. You might be on the waitlist.
  3. Has anyone else tried emailing admissions this week?
  4. Hey everyone, we should have more information the first week of January! Final decisions are being made and they are still working on the waitlist.
  5. Received an interview offer today for January 3rd. Has anyone else received the same offer?
  6. Interview begins at 8am and concludes at 1:30 pm. I’d arrive the day before.
  7. For those who have already interviewed, were the situational/behavioral MMI questions conversational or did the interviewers just stare at you for the duration? Did you have follow up questions after you answered? I’ve been through the MMI process in the past and I had a couple interviewers just stare and not say a word until the timer went off.
  8. Hey everyone, I received a phone call today from UT extending an interview offer. I will be interviewing on 11/5
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