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  1. Hi! The facebook group just reached 36 members, so I believe the program is now full. But good luck with other programs!!
  2. For any of those that may be wondering, there are currently 30 students in the Facebook page. So that would mean there’s about 6 spots left at this point. Good luck to those who are still interviewing!
  3. Does anyone know if they’re still doing interviews? Or if you’ve been accepted approximately how long did it take for you to hear back? Thanks!
  4. Sure thing! Cumulative GPA: 3.59 science GPA: 3.35 non science: 3.89 PCE: ~ 1020 hours at time of application, now about 1200 hours (as EMT) HCE: ~120 hours volunteering in hospital volunteering (other): ~75 hours number applied: 9 Interviews: 2 (so far) acceptance: 1 acceptance, 1 rejection Hope this helps!
  5. I don’t think so! I applied late September and just had my interview yesterday, 11/9 and got accepted! Idk how many spots are left but I’d say go for it
  6. Did anyone else get an interview for 11/9? I just got an email today! For anyone wondering, submitted my CASPA mid September and just heard back today, 11/1
  7. Approximately how long did it take for you guys to hear back for an interview once you submitted your application? I was CASPA verified early/mid September and I’m anxiously waiting to hear back
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