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  1. I interviewed on 9/9 as well and have not received a rejection email or an acceptance call either! Staying positive and keeping my fingers crossed
  2. Congratulations to everyone who got acceptance calls, you all are amazing! I had a wonderful time getting to know you all on the interview day I interviewed on 9/9 and have not heard anything yet! Staying hopeful! For those of you who will be interviewing soon best of luck! The staff at ATSU was incredibly kind and made the interviews enjoyable!
  3. Hey everyone! I wanted to start this thread for all of you who were accepted pending open seat and waitlisted for ATSU class of 2021. First, congratulations to all of you! Second, if you all can post what list you are on and any updates on your status I’m keeping my fingers crossed for all of you! Best of luck this year!
  4. I interviewed 12/19 and was placed on the accepted pending open seat list two days later as well! I have not heard anything back yet, but staying optimistic through this waiting game!
  5. Hello fellow PA prospects, I just received my interview invite via email today! I will be interviewing 12/19. I am beyond excited and I'm staying hopeful for you all!!
  6. Nothing yet, everyday that passes I check my email more frequently haha. I hope we hear back soon!
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