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  1. I don't think when has anything to do with it. Someone above said they got their prerequisites met email this month and has already gotten an interview for next month. Meanwhile, there are several of us that received this email awhile back and have heard nothing. As far as I can tell, no one has been rejected yet, so maybe they just save them all until everyone has submitted to make sure they don't want you? So they can look at all the applications before they reject people.
  2. I've heard nothing and I have a terrible GPA, if that helps. Lol
  3. Anyone else obsessively check their emails or am I just crazy? lol
  4. Yeah. Just like how CASPA emails you with other updates, they'll email you when it's verified. They'll also do all your GPA calculations. I don't recall it taking very long back when I submitted, but I believe it varies based on how many applications they have to verify and calculate when you submit.
  5. Weird! I sent in my CASPA and paid my fee on 7/25. I received confirmation that all materials, including the supplemental, were received on 7/31. I received another email on 8/6 saying that I meet the minimum requirements so they'll look further at my application. I haven't heard back since.

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