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  1. I applied for the MPH dual program and they just asked me to write an additional essay for them. Did anyone else get that email?
  2. I am currently on deployment with AMR in New York. I was wondering how I should count those hours on my CASPA application?
  3. Good call, thank you! Caspa would have my science GPA be 3.11 and my BCP 3.06.
  4. Do you think the rigor of the college I went to matters? Also would you say it's reasonable for me to apply for the 2019 cycle?
  5. Here are my stats 3.2 GPA, trending upward towards the end of college 3.06 science GPA 300 GRE 4,000 hours of being an ER medical scribe, and a scribe trainer 500 hours of drug research in a lab Shadowed a PA and NP ~150 hours as an EMT-B and EMT-A student ~200 hours as a working EMT-B (working for two different companies part-time) References from 3 doctors, 1 professor and 1 NP What else can I do besides raising my GPA to improve my stats?
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